What we do?

August 26, 2015

what we do

Increasing competition, declining bottom line, uncontrolled cost of sales are some of the usual but very challenging problems every business face today. The impact of these factors on the organisations will depend upon many factors. Growthnets, who are very aware of these challenges and who have tremendous experience in facing them successfully has been focusing in effective solutions for global customers leveraging the technology disruptions happening.

Following are the key solution platforms that GrowthNets has developed.

1. Business Acceleration Platform:

  • helps you to reduce cost of doing business and ease of doing business flattening the MNC advantage.
  • Seamlessly acquire presence, compliance, market penetration and leverage geographical strengths and efficiency.

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2. Smart Sourcing Platform

  • helps you to leverage Indian cost efficiency and talent. A step by step approach depending on organizations maturity level of smart shoring and sourcing. Enable ‘building’ than ‘buying’. Read more..

3. ‘Make in India’ Platform

  • Validates risks and efficiency assumptions for ‘Make-In-India’ hypothesis by an incremental approach thereby reducing risk.
  • Support to create an ecosystem to implement a ‘win-win’ strategy by mitigating risk.. Read more..