Business Acceleration Platform

August 26, 2015

Through this platform, GrowthNets enables Business acceleration across geographies, thus leveling the global advantage for start-ups and SMB’s.

Business acceleration occurs when your company is in the late part of the start up phase. The next phase is customer acquisition, accelerating revenue growth.

There are 3 reasons that make global business acceleration unique

  • Your product may receive warm reception in your geography but be a block buster in another geography (case in point: WhatsApp)
  • Revenue and customer base diversification reduces business risk.
  • Global introduction of your product exposes different areas and ways your product or service could be utilized

However, there are certain barriers to global expansion that are age old and here are 3 main ones

  • Financial risk and cost of entry to a new geography
  • Spreading too thin when your company is stretched for resources
  • First customer syndrome

Our Approach

We provide a tightly tailored and focused service approach. Our principals across geographies have themselves been there and done that. We have a ‘frugal startup’ approach. We minimize the financial cost thereby managing financial risk. We provide ground level sales and support staff as they are well connected in their geographies. We will understand your product or service thoroughly, build sales leads and build a pipeline. We will remove customer’s anxiety about sales and support by giving your company local presence and roots.

GN foot print

We provide high flexibility to our customers

  • Customers can mix and match the services they feel they need
  • Customers get a One stop shop, at an affordable price point
  • Customers feel seamless as equal to opening a branch office in their local geography.

We also manage the dependencies on all start up activities

Through this platform, every essential business functions as shown below is aggregated under one roof.



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