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Zemblanity Created By Central banks- Negative Interest Rates

Co-authors: Ashok (Ash) Kamath & Nilkanth (Neel) Kulkarni Already several central banks in the developed world have zero or negative interest rates. The list currently includes England, Germany, ECB, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, etc.  Few weeks ago Japan surprised the world by introducing negative interest rates to stimulate their sluggish economy and prevent a slide into[…]


Indian Startups & Speed of Execution

Indian Startups & Speed of Execution Mr. L S Subramnian on Linkedin As more entrepreneurs enter the Indian startup scene their Speed of Execution will be their key to success. If their innovative ideas do not see the light of day in weeks it maybe doomed for failure, startup founders do not have the luxury[…]


Global Sourcing and Agile Adoption

Global Sourcing and Agile adoption – What you need to know when your teams are split across country borders Originally, since when I started working on s/w product development, it was done mostly based on the sequential ‘Waterfall model’ where Requirements, Design, Coding and Testing were planned and executed for the whole product at a[…]


Five Factors

Five factors to be considered while defining Outsourcing KPIs No doubt-KPIs are a must to monitor the effectiveness of service delivery in outsourcing/ Offshoring contracts. The definition of KPIs is an involved exercise, primarily driven by the key business drivers of outsourcing and the strengths & weaknesses of the suppliers selected. A task force constituted[…]