Incremental Model for Make In India Entry


Incremental Model for India Entry

By this time, ‘Make in India’ (MI) has already become the buzz across the globe and many global corporate would be seriously thinking about it.

However, you will have many questions in your mind that need correct answers to progress in the journey..

Does ‘Make in India’ really make a business case for your company and your products? Is it feasible does it make good business case? Does India have the right ecosystem to enable the same? How should you approach it? Should you target it only for local market or will it make sense for exporting to other markets as well? Can you plan and do it everything yourself or should you seek the support from local players? Who could be the right partners to associate with? Like this, there will be many questions flashing though the minds of the decision makers who are seriously thinking about business globalisation through India Entry.

GrowthNets, who has many years of experience in global markets in general, and India market in particular, has vast in-house knowledge and has the right partner eco-system in place to support the global corporate to realise their India – entry plans. Through GN’s MI platform, GrowthNets can provide you end to end advisory and execution services to make it happen cost effectively and with minimum risks.

GrowthNets’s MI platform is centred on three major steps or phases as below

In all the above three phases, especially the first two, GrowthNets follows an incremental execution model with well defined goals set for each increment. Each increment will be of 2 to 3 months duration.  The output of each increment can help you to refine the assumptions and business case accordingly so that you can take a well informed decision incrementally. This reduces the risks associated significantly and can help you to control the project expenses prudently.


GrowthNets has the capabilities, partner networks and relevant domain consultants to execute your MI program. Given below are some of the key areas that GN can help you.

  1. a) Discuss and define the major drivers and identify the enablers for the India Entry (make in India) strategy.
  2. b) Provide all required inputs to validate your business case.
  3. c) Thorough analysis of the supplier eco-system across India with the cost, quality and innovation drives in focus.
  4. d) Location analysis for factory or development centre including the human resources demographics.
  5. e) Identifying the key success drivers for the local market
  6. f) Competition analysis
  7. g) How to leverage the offerings from the central and local governments to your advantage
  8. g) Help to create the business entity and get required compliances/ approvals from local bodies
  9. h) Help to analyse the need for JV partnerships or other entry models and help to identify the right set of partners
  10. i) Support your Sales and Marketing Planning
  11. j) Factory set up planning and implementation
  12. k) Dealer network set up.
  13. l) After sales support network
  14. m) Logistics Support if required
  15. n) Tax system analysis across states

The initial phases could be executed as pointed consulting assignments incrementally and when a firm decision is reached to go ahead with the entry plan, GrowthNets would help to create a Global in-house Center (GIC) for you to ramp up your teams from an early stage. This helps you to create manpower in a phased manner who gets involved from the very beginning and thus help to get the bonding strong. After a predefined timeframe, GN can hand over the operations.